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Sissel Tolaas: The Science of Smell


The Scandinavian Odor Expert Discusses the Future of Sweat Vs. Perfume

Which ingredients do you feel will embody the smell of the future?
I think bacteria on the body is a big issue. Recently products have utlized bacteria for the purpose of producing food, so we made teas from human body sweat, and it got a lot of attention. The body in general is a big subject—what the body can do beyond what we think it can do. Science is so much further along than the commercial world, and our notions of “bad” and “good” have to be re-discussed and re-valued. 

How do you imagine our relationship to scent will evolve?
I think schools should have new disciplines dealing with the amazing software we have on our bodies: our senses. We’re learning how to see and how to hear, but we don’t learn how to taste, how to smell or how to touch. I’ve been doing a lot of workshops with kindergartens and primary schools and I think that kind of experience has a very big future. 

Are we going to start to smell different in the future?
Yes. Today we all smell the same; we communicate through perfume ads and I think that’s a shame. We each have a body smell as unique as our fingerprints and I think we will start to rediscover and appreciate that. I have nothing against cleaning up, it’s just that we do these things without thinking. 

Will we start to find different ways to enhance and personalize our own odors?
Yes!  I think that instead of saying that Chanel No. 5 is a solution, we will start to think, “I need one molecule for leisure, another for business, another for sleep, another for healthcare,” and so on. Maybe we should start to be a little bit more honest about each other’s smells, too—otherwise nothing’s going to change. 

The original article can be found on Nowness

LA PETIT MORT by Alex Prager
“French actress Judith Godrèche’s Hitchcockian heroine faces an imminent tragic demise in these ominous scenes from Alex Prager’s La Petite Mort, a surreal exploration of sexual ecstasy and mortality. “They say that orgasm is the one time in life you are closest to death because all your senses but one shut down.”
As seen at the The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC July 2014


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Before visiting Women in the Arts museum in #Washington, I thought that having “female only” #museum is as discriminating as having exclusively men’s. But I was astounded by the fascinating works of Alex Prager Le Petit Mort or Lacrimacorpus by Tschape and Ninna Nanna by Salmon that made me fall in love with #video as a medium and observe the complexity of female emotions or sense of aesthetics that sometimes get obscured by male art grands. Highly recommend #art #love
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